by Cesare Rocchi

Kids are Entrepreneurs

by Cesare Rocchi

.. but they don’t know yet.

I have a kid and he is 16 month old. Now that I have more free time I really enjoy spending the days with him. You might think that way I am not working or learning something about my job. WRONG!

He recently started walking, and that was a relief for my backbone! But there is more. In spite of the fact that we constantly say: “Slow down” or “Don’t run”, he walks fast and sometimes he falls. When he falls, he gets up without complaining and starts walking again, as if nothing happened. This is a HUGE lesson for me. It is exacly the spirit of the entrepreneur, walking or running without the fear of falling. And if you fall, get up and start walking again. Sometimes I could run but I walk, just because I fear to fall. Luckily I have a great mentor to teach me how to ignore fear.