by Cesare Rocchi

Speaking Engagements - Fall 2014

by Cesare Rocchi

After a short pause, conference season is back! Here is a list of conferences I am gonna speak at.

Yow conference

Where: Melbourne, Australia

When: September 8-9

Website: http://connected.yowconference.com.au

Pragma conference

Where: Milan, Italy

When: October 3-4

Website: http://pragmamark.org/events/pragma-conference-2014/


Where: Warsaw, Poland

When: October 18th

Website: http://www.mobilization.pl

Cocoaconf Boston

Where: Boston, USA

When: November 14-15

Website: http://cocoaconf.com/boston-2014/home

If you are attending any of these events, or you live nearby, and you wanna chat yell at me on twitter.