by Cesare Rocchi

Would you work for Apple?

by Cesare Rocchi


Sometimes, especially during conferences, somebody throws out the question. I always answered a sound no. As much as I base the most part of my business on Apple products, I think I’d not fit Apple’s culture as an employee. I have always found difficult to tell the why. Well, Ole Begemann transcribed part of Debug 47, in which two former Apple managers where interviewed.

This is one excerpt that dazzled me

When someone came into my office and said they wanna be a manager, I asked them, “How did you sleep last night?” And they said, “Oh, fairly well”. and I said, “Good, ’cause that’s the last good night’s sleep you’re gonna get.”

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This is even worse.

And I know I’ve read a lot of studies how this is a stupid way for the tech industry to function. And that’s certainly true. But this happens all over, and it’s not just the tech industry ...

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Why worse? Because it entails the hateful “it’s always been like that”.

I firmly believe you can build great products living a healthy life. I know people that successfully run a business without giving up their souls. Don’t fall into the trap that you have to work most of the time (including Sunday evening) to be successful.