by Cesare Rocchi

My Father and Mick Jagger

by Cesare Rocchi

Sometimes during podcasts or even at conferences I get asked: “who is your role model?”

My answer is “My father and Mick Jagger”. No, they are not the same person :) They share a very fascinating trait though. They are both older than seventy and both still enjoy doing what they did for their entire life.

I assume you already know who Mick Jagger is and what he does. My father does not have a wikipedia page, yet. He is a farmer. Every morning he hops on his tractor with a smile and enjoys plowing, raking, sowing, harvesting and anything related. My mom helps him.

I hope to have their energy and motivation to build and sell software when I am seventy. We’ll see. What about you? Who’s your role model?