by Cesare Rocchi

Lock yourself in

by Cesare Rocchi

No setting a deadline does not work for me. I mean it works for client projects but when I am building my products it just doesn’t work. Honestly I don’t why, I should take some time off to think about it. But not now, because I have locked myself in.

With Podrover I am sponsoring the Release Notes Conference. Since we announced the sponsorship the progress has been huge, especially regarding the UX and anything that is user facing. I am exploiting the power of user stories to the fullest. Every day I start with a story and in the evening I checked my progress against that story. Why all of this? Because I want the app done by the beginning of the conference in mid October. At least the web version.

These days I just can’t stop working. I stop developing and I start talking to future customers. It’s a great feeling. I look forward to show it you.