by Cesare Rocchi

Lack of Motivation

by Cesare Rocchi

It happens to everybody. You start with a spark, motivated, you are gonna rule the world. You put a lot of effort, you see the progress, you get feedback, that fosters more motivation, you go on. Smooth sailing.

Suddenly that day arrives. The night before you have planned your tasks. You don’t have to think what to do, it’s all there in the list. But you can’t get started. Maybe something sidetracked you? No, you just feel like … not motivated.

It happened to me again in the past. The first times I felt guilty. Now I have learned to think it’s ok. It happens. How do I react? I do something else, usually not related to software. Today was one of those days. What did I do?

  • raked the garden
  • helped the masons on the roof
  • painted a few scratches on a wall
  • designed a cabin for podcasting (building it is gonna be fun)

In other words I made progress in other “slices” of my life. I fought the “potential depression” that comes with lack on motivation by going on with other projects. They were mostly manual jobs, that allowed me to think about my products, some few tweaks that I’d like to implement and some strategies for the launch. Win-win!

And you? How do you face those days? Feel like writing a blog post about it? :) Let me know on Twitter.