by Cesare Rocchi

A February of Blogging

by Cesare Rocchi

In February I blogged every week day. It was fun, sometimes demanding, but overall rewarding.

I started these challenges to push myself a bit. I have discovered that I am much better at committing to a daily task than to a weekly one. In the past I struggled quite a bit with blogging because I blogged when I felt the need, and that meant one post a month on average.

It’s not just about the quantity though. A monthly cadence is enough to make my writing skills rusty. It doesn’t mean I am not able to write anymore. It just means it’s more complicated to get into the writer mindset. A daily schedule helps me avoiding ceremonies and complicated dances. I just do it and I skip the problem of getting into the mindset.

If you are interested in taking on a similar challenge I suggest you to have a list of topics or titles in advance. Even a bunch of drafts would be ideal, especially for those days in which you have less time to devote to the task. The essence is writing, NOT deciding what to write about. Planning topics or a theme in advance is immensely helpful.

I took a break in March and I miss writing every day. I am brainstorming a few ideas for my challenge in April. Some off the top of my head:

  • Say/tweet/write a thank you message a day
  • Push a small fix, for example a typo, to an open source project
  • Post a quick to prepare recipe a day

I look forward to April 1st.