by Cesare Rocchi

App Builders 2017

tags: conferences

I just got home from Lausanne, where I attended App Builders.

It was a great event. Thanks to all the organizers, the speakers and the attendees.

I attended many interesting presentations, very well prepared.

I saw speakers honing their slides and helping each other in rehearsing.

I saw attendees very excited to have learned something new.

I was part of spontaneous debates about the usage of third party libraries. (Sometimes I just eavesdropped). Those are usually discussions that get “religious” easily but I never saw anybody raising the voice. Everybody exposed their ideas orderly and always respectful of contrary opinions.

These are signs of a great community, and I feel lucky to be part of it.

This will be my last event for a while, and I am happy to close my conference season with good memories.

P.S. If you were at the conference you can provide feedback on GitHub. I am sure the organisers will appreciate constructive observations to improve the conference even more.