by Cesare Rocchi

Dialog between a News Publisher and a Social Media Platform

by Cesare Rocchi

Tags: serious fun

Hey, I’d like you to create some content for me. I am gonna pay you of course :)

What do you mean by “content for me”?

You create it, I publish it on my platform.

Will I be credited as author?


Will the reader be clearly see that I am the author?

Well, yeah, unless they are dumb fucks

But how many people will read what I write?

Many, really many. Some read news on my platform instead of the watching the TV.

Will my content appear along with some other content written by others/competitors?

Yeah, I have a special algorithm for that, no worries.

Oh really? How does it work?

It depends on which version you are talking about, we change our mind pretty often about it.

Uhm, this might be a deal breaker for me.

But I am gonna give you 30M dollars.


Imaginary dialogue inspired by:

Omitted details to make the story funny:

  • how content creators are credited
  • what happens when the deal expires
  • who owns the content
  • can the content be republished on some other platform and under which terms
  • who owns the URL of the content