by Cesare Rocchi

Fascinated by Microcasts

by Cesare Rocchi

Microcasting is producing short podcasts. The borders blur a bit if we consider platforms like, which is a sort of audio version of Twitter. But I am fascinated by classically produced, short podcasts.

I really enjoyed Developing Perspective and now I enjoy Manton’s Timetable. Even Dan Benjamin mentioned short podcasts recently on the Podcast Method. I am tempted to start one and if I had one single tool that allowed to do it I’d have started already probably.

I am not on the move recently but I think the ideal tool for this would be a mobile app, that allows me to record from everywhere, trim a bit and publish. Something like Opinion that allows to publish on my server though.

Manton uses a combination of two tools, Ferrite and Workflow. It’s a bit complicated but once you set it up I guess it’s pretty straightforward. Another interesting platform is Briefs. It’s cool that you can publish an episode just by sending an email.

Truth is probably I am mulling over the tools because I have not yet clear the content for such a podcast. It can be:

  • Pills about open source projects
  • My day to day adventures with software and design
  • Bite sized interviews, like 1-2 questions, on a very specific topic.

I’ll keep on mulling on the idea. That’s my style. If it doesn’t fade away in a month or so, I’ll probably start it.