by Cesare Rocchi

Fear to ship

by Cesare Rocchi

Tags: products

You are ready. The servers are running, the credit card is a bit more empty, buttons are aligned as you wanted. You have waited for this moment. You are ready to press “Publish”. But you are not alone. Sometimes of the shelf, sometimes right on your desk. Fear. All kinds of questions cross your mind.

  • Will the server keep up?
  • Did I schedule backups?
  • Did I run all the tests?
  • Can’t I hold it a bit more?

I know, paranoia. Then I compared it with some other situation that I am comfortable with: traveling. When I travel I pack and I go, without looking back.

I asked a few friends about their concerns when traveling:

  • Will the luggage arrive at destination?
  • Will the train/bus/plane be on time?
  • Did I remember to bring the passport?
  • Is it expired?
  • Will the hotel/apartment be like in the pictures on line?
  • Will I get lost?
  • Will the bed/pillow be comfortable?

Most of the concerns come from people that travel less than me, and that is totally fine because they are less used to it. It’s exactly the point: getting used to it, to deal with the unknown and change your plans if needed.

So I took I deep breath and hit publish. AppVersion, my first product, is on line. I feel like the plane took off, I feel better, one less weight on the chest.

Now curiosity took the place of fear: how will it go? I am eager to know and I’ll keep you posted.