by Cesare Rocchi

I am Thankful

tags: life

I am thankful for:

  • my wife. Friend, supporter, companion, accomplice, lover.

  • my kids. Thanks for disrupting most of my plans, for waking me up in the middle of the night and for draining most of my energy. I didn’t know I had so much patience and so much energy under my skin. You are helping me to discover parts of me that I wasn’t aware of. And you are teaching me discipline.

  • my parents. They deserve a monument for the example they set for me, for all they did and for all the help they are giving us in growing the kids.

  • my parents in law. For all the support, the help and the fun. Also for giving birth to my wife.

  • my skills. Those that I have learned and those that I was born with.

  • opportunities. Those that I chase and those that fall into my lap when I need them.

  • my friends. I still meet with most of the people I have grown up with since I was ten. It’s a privilege.

  • time. Every morning I wake up and I have it. I have time to build my products, talk to people, breathe, walk and learn.

Thanks to all the people that I have met at conferences, for the time you spent with me, for the beer, the fun and for keeping in touch also after the conference.

Why this? Is it Thanksgiving already?

No, it’s not. But yesterday I turned 40.

Instead of getting depressed by midlife crisis, who I am, who I should be and all the “what ifs” I chose to focus on the greatness that I am surrounded with.