by Cesare Rocchi

I'd trade the audio jack for

tags: iPhone

Obviously it’s all done. So this is just for fun. I’d trade the audio jack on the iPhone for:

  • a purple unicorn
  • a device with a battery that lasts two days instead of one
  • peace on earth
  • a signed contract that says Swift is frozen for 1 year
  • a device with a battery that lasts three days instead of one
  • wireless earbuds that charge as fast as the Apple Pencil and are impossible to loose or very easy to find

No, I don’t need a thinner, lighter device. 4mm slimmer or 10 grams lighter doesn’t make any difference.

Jason Snell has an interesting piece about the upcoming Apple event. Nobody on stage will explicitly say “We are dropping the audio jack”. They’ll highlight the new features and only after we’ll be able to connect the dots.