by Cesare Rocchi

International Podcast Day

by Cesare Rocchi


I love podcasts. They are with me when I walk, in the bathtub, when I cook and before sleeping. Podcasts are a revolutionary medium and also a means to build a relationship.

Even if you have never met the host of a podcast, don’t you feel you already know him/her a bit? As a host, didn’t you notice that people approach you more easily when you meet them face to face, for example at conferences or meetups? That’s the power of the voice. You have been the voice in their ears, they know you.

There are many ways in which you can celebrate International Podcast Day:

  • Spread the word about a podcast you like
  • Say thank you to the hosts you like the most
  • Leave a review on iTunes/Stitcher
  • Stop someone on the street and teach them what is a podcast
  • Grab your mic and record a new episode of your podcast
  • Start a new podcast!

Check out the official web site for more initiatives.

Every day should be podcast day, but having an official day can’t hurt.

P.S.: To celebrate I am giving away a full year subscription to Podrover. If you run a podcast you might be interested.