by Cesare Rocchi

Mixed feelings on Swift

by Cesare Rocchi

While writing the chapters in iOS 8 by Tutorials I have banged my head against the wall often, pretty much every beta release. I was really excited when Swift was announced. Excitement naturally fades, by design I’d say. It fades even more quickly when the real thing is far from your expectations. Today, I’d use Swift in an app if:

  • it’s a new app
  • it’s a small app
  • it’s a product of mine

Right, I’d not venture in Swift land for client work. Why? When something does not work I can’t live with the doubt that it is due to Swift, or me not yet fully grasping Swift.

I have mixed feelings. I invite you to read David Owens’ post. I share most of his concerns.

Proposal: why don’t you write a blog post about your experience with Swift?