by Cesare Rocchi

My plan for Twitter

by Cesare Rocchi

Now that Dick Costolo stepped down, everybody has a plan for Twitter. So why should you read mine? Because it’s simple and effective.

We (developers) made Twitter was it is because of its APIs. Remember when 80% of iOS demo apps were a Twitter client? Yes, that was PR, for free. Now Twitter does not need PR anymore but it needs tools so that people can use it in a meaningful way. So what’s my plan?

Open up the APIs by loosening the tight limits (presumably) imposed to make Wall Street happy.

Developers are pretty far from the Wall Street mentality. We need tools to build products. Give us decent APIs, some time and Twitter will shine again.

If that’s not still clear let me make a concrete example. Change the APIs so that Manton Reece uses them again. That’s it.