by Cesare Rocchi

No framework means your framework

by Cesare Rocchi

Tags: podrover css

Little update on my search for a UIKit for web apps. After experimenting for a few hours with some frameworks and kits I decided to go with no framework, that is my framework.

I am following the Trello CSS guide and am really liking it. After all the UI of Podrover is pretty simple and what matters is the interaction. I am happy that ended up with:

  • a single CSS file
  • code that I actually understand
  • code that I know how to tweak

My personal suggestion is: don’t sweat it, especially at the beginning. Pick one tool you feel comfortable with and go with it. At some point in the future every tool will show its weaknesses, especially if you picked it in an uncertain situation, when you don’t have the full picture yet. I feel like I made the best decision I could make at the moment.

Next “dilemma”: all AJAX calls? No AJAX calls? A mix? That’s probably gonna be a bit more complicated but I promise, I won’t sweat it :)

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