by Cesare Rocchi

On Firing a Client

by Cesare Rocchi

TLDR; Learn how to spot when things are going wrong with a client and leave as soon as you can. Use wisely the time you gain with that move.

UPDATE: This was an article describing details about the relationship between me and a former client of mine. When my wife read it (after being published) she made me aware that it could have sounded offensive. I removed all the details and distilled it as follows. And yes, it’s less funny than the original version :)


I have worked with a client for four years. In the beginning it was all love and fun. The last project we worked together didn’t end up well.


After this roller coaster I feel way better. I have more time for me and family. I wake up in the morning and, instead of looking at the messy todo list of a crappy project, I have a walk. Believe me, I am not even happy, I am joyful.

This also means I have time to build and take care of my apps! In fact an update to Breezi is upcoming and I just popped an entry from from my app-ideas.txt file and started working on it. It’s called Neater and it’s gonna be the greatest iPhone application for Because:

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

C.S. Lewis

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