by Cesare Rocchi

Part-time Week

by Cesare Rocchi

Tags: productivity

Lately I have been noticing that my productivity has decreased a bit. Programming tasks that are pretty well known to me are taking too much time and I get distracted more often than usual.

Kids are at home these weeks, so there’s one source of distraction. Another is the weather. It’s pretty hot and humid these days and I can’t think clearly enough. Finally … I also need a pause probably!

In times like these, I adopt one simple strategy: no revolutions, just change something.

So I am trying something new this week. I am working just half a day, in the morning, when it’s fresher (and I am fresher). And the rest of the day? I have no idea. I am sure I’ll take a nap after lunch, then I’ll see.

Reading books is another option, assuming I’ll find good ones. And of course I’ll play with the kids. No worries, I’ll keep writing. And I am eager to let you know how this week goes.

Update: Manton has a different approach