by Cesare Rocchi

Pitching a Product is a bit like Dating

by Cesare Rocchi


These days I am getting in touch with some podcasters to see if they’d like to join the beta of Podrover. It feels a bit like dating.

I have been out of the dating scene for quite a while but usually my approach was “can I buy you a drink?”. I always thought it was the simplest and less “compromising” question. I feel it’s also easy to answer, although once I got an “I don’t know”. I am not kidding.

Most of the resemblance between pitching and dating is in the variety of answers though. While dating I got the following answers:

  • yes
  • no
  • why not?
  • sure
  • gotta go now, maybe tomorrow
  • uh
  • I don’t know (I am still petrified by that answer)
  • Get the hell out of here
  • kjahsd?12=klja; (she was drunk)

While pitching Podrover the variety is still pretty interesting:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes but …
  • I don’t care
  • Oh shit, yes!
  • I am not your target user
  • Can I have an account also for my co-host?
  • I’ll pass it to our management team
  • Great idea! I signed up

I feel it’s not worth asking myself: how is it going? Honestly I am happy with the responses I am collecting. Much like in dating, it’s a matter of finding the “right one for you” and “the one you are right for”.