by Cesare Rocchi


I am sick of iMessages not being delivered.


  • my wife has one Apple ID
  • she’s logged on an iPhone and an iPad
  • both her phone number and her email are linked to iMessage
  • I have one Apple ID
  • With that ID I am logged on an iPhone, a Mac Book Air and a Mac mini

Random stuff that happens:

  • I send an important message from my iPhone
  • She gets it on her iPad
  • She is running errands and has just the iPhone with her. The iPad is at home.
  • Message doesn’t get to her phone. Ever. Like swallowed by a black hole.
  • MESS

More random stuff

  • She sends me an important message
  • I get it on ONLY on my Mac Book Air, which I open every 2-3 days
  • MESS

Even more random stuff

  • She sends me an important message
  • I get it both on my iPhone and my Mac mini
  • When I receive the message I am using the Mac mini and it’s handy to reply from there
  • I reply, but my message is received ONLY on her iPad
  • MESS

We rely on those messages, and related notifications. At this point I can say iMessage doesn’t work for us. And I don’t know how to fix it. And I wouldn’t even know how to file a radar about this.

We have switched to Signal a few days ago. It’s been very reliable so far. We don’t miss animated emojis. We are just happy that messages get delivered and notifications are displayed. Isn’t it the whole point of a messaging system?

Drawback: there’s not a desktop app for Signal. I think I can live with that.