by Cesare Rocchi

Lack of Motivation

It happens to everybody. You start with a spark, motivated, you are gonna rule the world. You put a lot of effort, you see the progress, you get feedback, that fosters more motivation, you go on. Smooth sailing. Suddenly that day arrives. The night before you have planned your tasks. You don’t have to think what to do, it’s all there in the list. But you can’t get started. Maybe something sidetracked you?

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My Father and Mick Jagger

Sometimes during podcasts or even at conferences I get asked: “who is your role model?” My answer is “My father and Mick Jagger”. No, they are not the same person :) They share a very fascinating trait though. They are both older than seventy and both still enjoy doing what they did for their entire life. I assume you already know who Mick Jagger is and what he does. My father does not have a wikipedia page, yet.

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