by Cesare Rocchi

The Quickest

by Cesare Rocchi


“Which solution should I go for, this or that?”
“The quickest”.

I have seen a lot of time wasted, especially in the enterprise, to make a decision about a tool or a service. Time spent hoping that the answer would manifest itself, time considered as validation. The more I think about it, the better will be my decision. Just to discover a few months later that the choice made was not even close to what you needed.

By the time you realize that you picked the “wrong” tool, there will be at least ten new similar tools that do the same job better.

Move quick, whenever you can. Leave constants in your code, mock behaviors, write TODOs. Progress will be more evident, you will build momentum, you’ll feel better. Don’t write code that is meant to last one year, you’ll throw it away sooner than that. Just write code that you “trust enough” and move on to the next step.