by Cesare Rocchi

The spite machine doesn't look back

by Cesare Rocchi

Tags: inspiration

Pattern: regular dude/gal does something relevant and gets “famous”. Three options:

  • ignore
  • envy
  • take inspiration

The first option is the hardest nowadays. Big publications might write about the success of dude or gal, not to mention appearances on podcasts. Either you are on vacation and totally disconnected or chances are that you will hear about that story. It’s up to you to try to ignore it and keep walking on your path, but it requires some effort to not get distracted, at least to me.

The second option is the most popular. It’s alimented by some of the following thoughts:

  • why not me?
  • It could have been me
  • I put up with the same effort and I am nowhere near that kind of success
  • He/she is part of my “tribe” but saying things that don’t represent my tribe.

These thoughts lead to:

I have to say something, I have to attack, or join the existing group of attackers. Tweet, write blog posts, criticize, shout out. This will bring me attention, followers, it will bring me the success I deserve.

If you want followers say something controversial or negative about someone or something. You will see a spike in the number of retweets, I can almost guarantee you that.

Before you start thinking I am a sinless monk I am guilty myself. One of the most read posts on this blog is a negative opinion about RubyMotion.

Now think about it for a second. What do you share with your new followers? The dislike about someone or something. How fertile is that common ground?

The third option, taking inspiration, is the most boring. There’s no public drama. Where are the hatred tweets and blog posts? I am not getting any followers from this story! There’s nothing in it for me!

You are right, there’s nothing in it if you look just a few days back. But if you enlarge your horizons a bit there’s a lot to take inspiration from. For me it starts with a simple question:

what did this dude/gal do for the last ten years?

Look there and you’ll find your inspiration.