by Cesare Rocchi


by Cesare Rocchi

Tags: life

Maybe you can relate to the feeling. Everything, or most of the things happening around you, point you to the same direction. And yet, you have doubts.

I remember the first time I visited New York City. It was 2002, a few months after the Twin towers attack. My hotel was midtown, on the 31st. I arrived very late, on a Saturday night, jaded. Sunday morning I woke up, willing to visit Ground Zero. If you have ever visited NYC you know that from the 31st it’s quite a walk. I didn’t want to take the subway, so I could do some sightseeing. No, Google maps was not a thing and cell phones were big, expensive and not smart.

I headed South. Along the way I asked for the WTC probably 40 times. Everybody was pointing me in the same direction. And yet I had doubts. Or maybe I just wanted to test my ability to speak English.

I am living a similar situation, figuratively. Sometimes I stop, ask, and people point me to the same direction. Much like when I was in NYC for the first time, I am gonna keep doing what’s important. Walking.