by Cesare Rocchi

Welcome to my new adventure

by Cesare Rocchi


I have decided to start over. I used to blog elsewhere and I enjoyed that. Now I feel the need to start fresh, with a shorter (and cooler) name, a new blogging platform, a new look and new topics.

Here starts my new blogging adventure. I think it is not a coincidence that this blog is born in 2012, the year I have restarted attending/speaking to conferences, being more active in the great Mac/iOS community, writing a new book, launching new projects.

There was a time I thought blogging was over. I was wrong. Blogging will probably evolve, but hardly die. The topics I will cover are in the subtitle =

  • user experience: very overrated term which has still a substance
  • mobile: native, web, new apps, design strategies
  • freelancing: the life of a father working from home
  • entrepreneurship: the way I choose to invest time and money

I have a bunch of drafts stored on dropbox, almost ready to be published here. Talk to you soon!

In the meantime you can follow me on twitter.