by Cesare Rocchi

Who will I work with?

by Cesare Rocchi

I got interviewed for a bunch of roles in the past years, but not recently. I think the last time was around two years ago.

My preferred part is always when the interviewer asks “any questions for me?”. I am not very interested in the vacation policy or the allowance for hardware.

I have a bunch of ready questions like:

  • what’s the pace like?
  • which other company would you join? (pure curiosity)

My preferred is “who will I work with?”. Nobody has been able to clearly answer it in my case. Some replies I got were:

  • we don’t know yet
  • with somebody on team A, or maybe team B. We’ll see
  • everybody in the company

I know it’s an unusual question but the answer is very important to me.

I know I’ll have to squash bugs. I know I’ll have to deal with deadlines. I know there’ll be misunderstandings.

I’d like to know who my companion(s) will be when I have to deal with my day-to-day duties.

And you? What do you usually ask an interviewer?