by Cesare Rocchi

Winding down AppVersion

tags: business

It’s been quite an adventure and I really enjoyed it. Yet, it’s time to wind down AppVersion.

It was the first service that I built with a business mindset. It’s the first web app that I wrote after 8 years of mobile development. It was my emergency exit to escape the Indiepocalypse. It started as a playground, then graduated as a distraction from client work. Finally it became a real product.

I plan to write many stories about how it came to be. Join my newsletter. I am going to post them there first.

Some housekeeping.

The service will be shut down on March 31st at 4pm UTC. If you are interested in a custom installation of AppVersion to build reports that include:

  • Top charts per category/country
  • Most (positively/negatively) reviewed apps
  • Brand new apps released by famous companies in specific countries
  • App Store intelligence data in general

please get in touch appversion AT

Thanks for using AppVersion, and double thanks to all the beta testers. I had fun working with you all.

P.S. If you are a blogger or a podpodcaster you might want to check out my other products:

  • Podrover, to collect and share your podcast reviews
  • Affiliator, to easily manage affiliate links