by Cesare Rocchi

Working part-time for a week

tags: business

Last week I worked part-time. I went good.

I ended up sleeping a bit more, thanks especially to the naps in the afternoon. Overall I felt more tired though. Here’s how I spent my time when I wasn’t working:

  • family, helping my wife and playing with kids
  • listening to jazz
  • watching some interesting documentaries on the origins of jazz
  • taking notes about new ideas
  • visiting friends I didn’t meet in a while
  • reflecting on myself and my life

Here and there I had some very light headache. It usually happens during the weekends, when I work less. Maybe I accumulated too many endorphins, or maybe it’s just the blues under my skin :)

One thing that I have happily noticed is that I had more time to think about what I did during the day. Usually I work every day until the very last minute and when the kids are home I rarely take a few minutes to think about what happened during the day. So this experiment taught me the importance of taking some time to think about my daily achievements.

The second thing I have noticed is that … the world didn’t fall. I still had time to reply to emails, keep in touch with friends, and write for this blog. I was already aware that my business is not directly correlated with the number of hours I work on it, but last week was a great refresher.

This week I am back into “full stream ahead” mode but I plan to take half-a-week-vacations more often in the future.

If you had a similar experience please get in touch, I am curious.