by Cesare Rocchi

WWDC 2016 guesses

tags: wwdc

Brent Simmons has collected an interesting and funny list of WWDC guesses. I particularly enjoyed the ones in uppercase :)

My guess is the following: something like TVML but for iOS/Mac OS.


Apple likes to introduce something new on one platform. If it gets traction it will extend it to other platforms. Storyboards were introduced first on iOS, then made it to the Mac. Auto Layout was introduced first on the Mac and then on iOS.

TVML seems like a good candidate.

  • JavaScript popularity is growing like crazy.
  • ES6 will make JavaScript a “real” programming language.
  • Apple has invested quite a bit in JavaScript

TVML seems like a promising high level approach to building simple UIs. I am confident.

Disclaimer: I have no insider knowledge, I am just speculating. I don’t own Apple stocks, I don’t even own an Apple TV. I won’t be in SF for WWDC and even if my guess is correct it will probably be a tiny news in a big pond of (hopefully good) news.