by Cesare Rocchi

WWDC 2016 wishes

tags: wwdc

It’s all decided already. This list, and any other list of wishes, won’t change what will be announced next week. So this is just for fun, and for WWDC 2017.

  • A 60% faster compiler
  • a purple unicorn
  • a do-it-all method that takes care of restoring IAPs. I call it and gets back to me with either success or error.
  • peace on Earth, everywhere
  • a promise that Swift will be frozen for 2-3 years so I can focus on building something that lasts instead of spending my time making a compiler happy
  • a bitcode implementation that is not in the way
  • refactoring for Swift
  • Craig Federighi on stage, bald
  • a blend of Storyboards and simulator. I click run in Storyboards, interact with the app and tweak while it’s running. It’s not Sci-Fi, in Unity you can do something very similar.
  • Tim Cook that says “We will maintain Objective-c until INSERT DATE HERE”
  • more women on stage during the keynote

Am I asking too much?