by Cesare Rocchi

Your business is about them

by Cesare Rocchi

I am an avid listener of the Hack the Entrepreneur podcast hosted by Jon Nastor. A few weeks ago he interviewed Derek Sivers.

There’s a quote still stuck in my head.

The success of your business has nothing to do with you and what you want, your personal passions and preferences ... this isn't about you, your business is about them and their needs.

Derek Sivers source

Passion can be a driver, no doubt. You feel better when it flows in your veins, you are more motivated and probably more productive.

But passion is also “something internal” and might keep the spotlight on you, whereas it should stay on your customers.

I learned this lesson when I was a bartender. Your job is done not when you think you made a great espresso but when you see satisfaction on the face of who drinks it.