by Cesare Rocchi

How I Podcast

by Cesare Rocchi

Tags: podcasting

I don’t dislike podcasts-as-conversations. I listen to some and they are pretty good. But I prefer much more edited podcasts. For example TLDR is no more, but is very well produced. Reply All is another great one. And I am eagerly waiting for the new season of Codebreaker.

When I listen to them I clearly perceive that they have worked to create a 2 hour long episode and then they sat down and picked the best parts to build a story. That’s pretty much what I do for the Cocoaconf podcast.

I interview a guest about a topic, pick the best parts and then compose them in a story. I don’t necessarily follow the chronology of the recorded conversation and I have a few common questions that I use as a refrain across episodes. Plus two sections by Josh and Chris that really help to break the rhythm. It’s pretty much the style used by Daniel during the previous two seasons of the podcast, and I like it a lot.

There’s one drawback. It’s a ton of work, even if I am pretty efficient with GarageBand. I am sure there are ways to speed up a bit the production but I feel that building the story is the most important part, that deserves the most focus and attention. Storytelling requires time.