by Cesare Rocchi

How was 2016

by Cesare Rocchi

Tags: business life

So how was my 2016?


I have learned a ton, especially how to pick the right tools for the job. Even more important I have learned how to quickly spot weaknesses in tools, so I am much more effective in making my decisions.

I also consolidated my knowledge on a specific technological stack that I can use with confidence. So now I can easily focus on building products instead of pondering over tools.


Last year I made the commitment to take as fewer consulting gigs as possible. I just got one! You might think it’s weird to celebrate this achievement but I have struggled on it for years. Almost by default I said yes to quick bucks instead of focusing on my own products. This is the first year that a significant part of my income comes from the products I am building and nurturing. It’s a good sensation. And I celebrated it.


I discovered parts of me I wasn’t aware of. One is patience, the other is persistence. Now I am much better at sticking around and digging deeper.

I also (pleasantly) discovered that I like working on something other than software. I restored parts of my house and I got into gardening. Both are good distractions from pixels and shell commands.

What’s next?

So far 2017 looks great. I am pumped up about the Podrover iOS app that I am working on and all the other products that I have in mind.

I am not making any specific resolution. I’ll pick my three words for 2017 soon. Stay tuned.