by Cesare Rocchi

Let your customers judge your products

by Cesare Rocchi

Tags: business

It’s inevitable. Every time I use something I made I see what it can be and how I can improve it.

It’s a good attitude. I am all for small and frequent improvements. But sometimes that very same attitude obfuscates my judgement especially when it comes to shipping. Overthinking.

It happens also to people making movies.

And so when you are watching the movie, you can see all the flaws, and it isn’t until you see the faces of your friends and family that you start to forget them.

Andrew Chen source

There’s one important difference. Once a movie is out, it’s out. There’s no “redesign”, nor iterations. With software you are kind of “always shooting and editing”.

When I feel my judgment is excessively obfuscated I turn to my customers. I am glad they are very responsive and can quickly bring me back on track.

What’s your strategy to get out of the mud generated by overthinking?