by Cesare Rocchi

On Podcasts length

tags: podcasting

As I am editing the next episode of the Cocoaconf podcast I stumbled upon this comic.

Vignete about the excessive length of podcasts in general


I like short and edited podcasts. I also listen to long and unedited ones, but for exceptional reasons like:

  • I am very interested in the guest(s)
  • I am very interested in the topic(s)
  • I have time to kill

But when I see a 2h+ episode in my podcatcher, I rarely play it right away. It’s probably going to sit there for quite a while until I take a long walk, or a long trip.

When I used to speak at conferences I had podcast marathons, when I listened to 8h+ of podcasts on a plane.

Now I don’t commute anymore, and I am very sensitive to the way I spend time. When I listen to a well produced podcast I feel taken care of.

I feel that somebody took time to distill a story and package it in a nice way. An unedited podcast feels a bit like an unwrapped gift.