by Cesare Rocchi

Rob Napier on Taylor Swift and Apple

by Cesare Rocchi

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The web is full of unneeded and useless words about the “Taylor Swift convinced Apple with a blog post” episode. Among all the crap I found a gem, a post by Rob Napier

The difference is that musicians had a money problem and devs have a not-money problem. ... The App Store is an engineering problem, not a money problem. Engineering problems are hard and messy. ... And that’s why one artist can move all of Apple. Yes, she’s big and important, but she also brought a simple problem.

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I agree 100%. Developers don’t have a money problem with Apple. I am trying to frame developers’ problems with Apple in terms of money, but the only thing I came up with so far is making the smallest price tier 4.99$. I feel it’s not gonna happen. I’ll keep thinking. Help me out on Twitter.

UPDATE: iMore has an interesting post about this topic but unfortunately most of the listed solutions are related to engineering problems. The only money related suggestion is reducing Apple’s cut. While it would be welcomed, I don’t feel it’s gonna solve the sustainability problem of indie developers.