by Cesare Rocchi

Part-time Week

Lately I have been noticing that my productivity has decreased a bit. Programming tasks that are pretty well known to me are taking too much time and I get distracted more often than usual. Kids are at home these weeks, so there’s one source of distraction. Another is the weather. It’s pretty hot and humid these days and I can’t think clearly enough. Finally … I also need a pause probably!

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Staying in Character

An expression that you might have heard during an interview with an actor talking about his/her acting method is “being in character”. It’s the ability of an actor to stay in the character’s state of mind, in spite of the circumstances. Let’s suppose you are playing a sad scene. You remembered some personal sad moment to help you “get there”. You are playing the character and you are half way through the scene.

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The slacker beast

A new framework is out. A new cool library has been released. You see it mentioned everywhere. You check it out quickly, it really seems cool. You are tempted to jump in. “Jump in” here might mean: I am going to include it in my next project I am going to convince my team to use it I am gonna build a demo project and talk about it at my local meet up I am gonna take sometime off to play with it I call this the slacker beast.

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From motivation to discipline

Motivation. It has been my fuel many times in the past. I’d wake up in the morning and let her feed my engines. No complaints. Really. Now I am living a phase of my life in which motivation is not enough, it’s too much ups-and-downs. I’d have highly productive days mixed with horrible days, in which I can’t get anything done. So a while ago I switched fuel. Now it’s discipline.

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My wife had a great idea for Christmas. Her gift for me was a monthly subscription to a local coworking. We talked pretty often about my difficulties of working from home, especially when the schedule of our kids was pretty hectic. Her gift was perfect. I admit I was a bit skeptical. For a number of reasons my main machine is now a Mac Mini, which I wouldn’t move back and forth.

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Drew Wilson is crazy

I mean crazy good :) Yes, I could have used a pencil/pen and paper (my preferred method) but I didn't have any in the room. Drew Wilson source So what do you do when you don’t have pen and paper handy? You build a Mac application in 24h! Kidding aside, I think the NSF should create a fund to investigate how Drew can produce good stuff so quickly.

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